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Palo Alto Park

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 Palo Alto Park

Larry Morace

Cardinal Hall, Fifth Floor

Larry Morace is a San Francisco-based painter and drawer known for his cityscapes, landscapes, and still life images. His style ranges from abstraction to representation - typically falling somewhere in the middle of the two styles - and often incorporates geometric forms. His colored cityscapes of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are representational enough that the viewer can identify each city, but Morace plays with reality and applies a surreal perspective to the urban portrayals, making each composition full of movement and dynamism, as he “examine[s] the relationship of architectural form with light and movement.” 
In Palo Alto Park, the artist explores the peaceful and satisfying environment of a public park in an engaging town.
Morace earned his BA in Painting and Fine Art from Indiana University. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and extensively in San Francisco and California. His work has been collected by private, corporate, and public institutions, and exhibited in a variety of publications.