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Gary Mankus

Cardinal Hall, Fifth Floor

Gary Mankus is known for his exploration of myriad styles and mediums. He creates photography, painting, collage, murals, design, printmaking, and digital printing, in abstraction, geometry, photo-realism and figuratism. As such, his oeuvre is dynamic and diverse: collages of a single photograph that he disassembles and jumbles, blurred photographs of goddess sculptures, abstract prints inspired by nature. His subjects are varied, and he captures nature, sculpture, architecture, and scenes of daily life. 
Tulipomania explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of the tulip in all its joyful movements.
Mankus was born in Chicago and is a graduate from the Institute of Design at The Illinois Institute of Technology, described as a “broad Bauhaus education.” His photography of the Midwest was displayed at a solo exhibition at The Chicago Cultural Center in 1993 and he has been commissioned by major corporations for his collage imagery. Since 1990, he has collaborated with artist Ricardo Mazal on experimental photographic projects, and their work has been exhibited extensively around Santa Fe, NM and Mexico. As a printmaker he challenges the bounds of contemporary printmaking and explore the development of this medium.