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Maia Paroginog

Cardinal Hall, Sixth Floor

A glance at this painting reveal a range of depth and emotion. Paroginog’s artistic process and choice of media is meant to reflect the fragmentation of the human body. The body is stormy and ephemeral, much like the swirls and daubs of paint that characterize this painting. Paint drips freely downward in controlled chaos. The employment of these different types of mark-making render the work intensely visceral.

A distinguishing feature of Paroginog’s work is how the artist makes bold decisions with color. Deep explosions of color strive for attention.

Drips of color appear to crawl towards the bottom of each canvas, while shapes and conglomerates of color are arranged in such a way that they seem to be rising upwards. This clash of rising and falling creates a sense of tension, and the verticality of Paroginog’s composition speaks to their experience with global and cultural hierarchies.

Maia Paroginog is a graduate of Stanford University Art Department.