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Deeper 11

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Stephanie Peek

Discovery Hall, First Floor

Stephanie Peek is known for her oil paintings that explore floral imagery. Though she only paints flora in a mix of arrangements - a single flower, a lush jungle garden, floating petals, or abstract branches - she brings each composition to life through a variety of styles that evolve a simple flower into an object of dynamism.
In this painting, the artist pays homage to Dutch 17th Century painters with her floral still life, utilizing intense light and shadow and a sensual, rich palette. The artist also pay homage to 18th century French painters with floating, suspended flowers appearing as if they’re being tossed into the air, hanging in a dreamlike state.
Peek earned an MFA in Painting from UC Berkeley in 1996, and a BA in Art History from Wellesley College in 1961. She has had solo exhibitions across the US. Her work has been collected by private and public institutions. She has taught at the SF Art Institute for many years.

You can watch a conversation discussing her artwork and inspirations with art advisor Danielle Wohl in the Talks with the Artists interview series below.