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Still Life with Flowers, Number 38

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 Still Life with Flowers, Number 37

Casey Gray

Discovery Hall, Third Floor

Casey Gray, born in Palo Alto and now based in SF, is a contemporary visual artist who is primarily a painter, but also works in printmaking, design, and murals. Gray groups his paintings into collections of arrangements, florals, waves and geometric designs using aerosol paint. Gray creates each composition in what he describes as a “skewed realism”, mixing trompe l’oeil, pop, geometric, flat, technical, and figurative styles to create a visual maze and fantastical journey for the viewer.

The florals of Casey Gray reflect his interest and involvement with street art and mural painting as well as his high regard and appreciation of classical painting motifs, inspired by 17th century European masters.

Gray’s art has been acquired for major technology collections. He was commissioned by the City of West Hollywood, CA to create custom bus wrap designs for the City Line Commuter Shuttle.