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The Color of Water

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 The Color of Water

James Ong

University Hall, Fourth Floor

James Ong moved from Taiwan to America at the age of 5, and as an ex-engineer, he has a unique visual approach. In addition to abstract painting, he creates a mix of sculptures including marble toys, construction sets, sculptural blocks, and paper sculptures. Influenced by Zen Buddhism, Japanese Art, and Minimalism, his style is imaginative, peaceful, and fluid. Additionally, he pays homage to the free-thinking approach of children, and says that he tries to approach each canvas as an opportunity to explore freely. His abstract paintings composed with rich, thick colors don’t reflect reality but instead, are his interpretations of imaginary places, dreams, and memories. 
The Color of Water suggests deep water and the associated mesmerizing colors. Water changes color depending on the time of day, the season, and the weather. This painting captures sublime moment of color tonalities and feeling.
Ong earned an MFA in Product Design from the San Francisco Academy of Art College in 1997. His work has been exhibited in contemporary galleries across California and collected by public and private institutions. Ong has taught art classes and programs for both teachers and young children.