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Talks with the Artists

Tom Killion

Tom has three pieces on campus:


Amos Goldbaum

Amos has two murals on campus.


Stephanie Peek

Stephanie has one painting on campus.

Silvia Poloto

Silvia has five art pieces on campus.


Enrique Chagoya

Enrique has two pieces of art on campus.



Apexer has a mural on campus:

Carter Hodgkin

Hodgkin has two art pieces on campus:


Bob Fitch

Fitch has a collage of photographs on campus featuring Martin Luther King Jr.:

Xiaoze Xie

Xie has two art pieces on campus:


Mona Caron

Caron has two murals on campus:


Jonathan Calm

Calm has two photographs on campus:



fnnch has one mural on campus:

Gail Wight

Wight has eight art pieces on campus:


Riley Holloway

Holloway has nine paintings on campus:



Jet Martinez

Jet has two murals on campus: