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Picture of Stanford Bear and Stanford IT Bear by fnnch

San Francisco-based street artist and Stanford alum fnnch, famous for the Honey Bear motif, believes that art should be available to everyone.

Because only a small percentage of any given city’s residents and visitors tour it’s modern art museums, the artist considers street art and murals a way for the museum and non museum going public to be inspired and engaged with the arts. fnnch has had art gallery exhibitions in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. His art on the street can be found in San Francisco, LA, New York, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong as well as a TED Talk. The Honey Bears series humorously references art that is democratized an every day item, personalizing it, playing with the ideas, and humanizing the honey bear. In addition to our Stanford and Stanford I.T. Honey Bears, fnnch has created Astronaut Bear, Firefighter Bear, Artist Bear, Graffiti Bear, LGBTQ Bear, Micky Mouse Bear and endless others.