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Campus Communications

Stanford employees have a myriad of ways to stay connected with what's happening at Stanford Redwood City (SRWC). 

  • Stanford Redwood City website ( A comprehensive resource for campus services, amenities, events and announcements. The site is accessible to the public.
  • SRWC newsletter: A monthly e-newsletter covering all aspects of the employee experience at SRWC. The newsletter is published the last Wednesday of each month by HR Communications and is sent to all employees whose primary work location is identified as SRWC. A .pdf version is posted in the Announcements section of the website.
    Note: If your primary work location is SRWC and you are not receiving the newsletter, please update your work address in StanfordYou to ensure you receive this monthly update. 
  • Listserv emails: Emails from SRWC Operations are used to disseminate facilities and operations updates to building occupants. Example emails include updates on elevator outages, facility maintainance, etc.
  • Digital postcards: Digital postcards are occassionally sent to provide time-sensitive information about an event or announcement that may require you to take action. An example digital postcard is the promotion of the Stanford Blood Drive, in which advance registration is required.
  • Digital displays: Located on the first floor of each of the buildings, the digital displays cycle through promotional graphics that highlight services available on campus, as well as upcoming events.
  • AlertSU: For campus emergency preparedness and safety, SRWC Operations also has access to send campus-specific email or text alerts and maintains an emergency information hotline (650-497-1111), which provides a recorded campus status message when activated. Ensure you receive these critical messages by maintaining your directory profile.
  • Slack at SRWC: The SRWC Community workspace and its accompanying channels serve to build community and keep employees informed of time-sensitive updates. The Slack workspace launched in February 2020. Log into the SRWC-Community workspace (requires SSO)

Are you new to campus or haven't been receiving SRWC communications?

Email and we'll look into it.