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Central Heating & Lighting

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Stanford Redwood City's heating and cooling system is controlled SRWC Operations in collaboration with LBRE SEM on the main campus. This sophisticated, yet intuitive system is responsible for managing temperature in all areas inside our buildings.

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Heating and Cooling Default Settings

  • Heating and cooling is set to "on" when indoor temperatures reach 69.5 degrees
  • Cooling begins when the temperatures reach 74.5 degrees
  • Thermostat and Open Offices:  Most conference rooms and offices have their own thermostats which have local controls. They will reset back to default building operation temperatures each day.  The open areas and workstations are  part of a specific zone that are automatically monitored and operated.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are not permitted at Stanford Redwood City. As noted by the University EH&S Department and Office of Sustainability, such heating units can use a lot of energy, cause breakers to trip and are dangerous when unattended.


The building management technology in the buildings has incorporated smart occupancy sensors in multiple locations:

  • Open work areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • water points
  • Plazas
  • Building lobbies

These sensors collect and monitor data providing information regarding light levels, energy use and temperature. The sensors allow the system to automatically detect the light levels and to balance outside light exposure with artificial light in the building, creating a pleasant and energy efficient atmosphere.

Similar to the use of thermostats, the lighting settings can be adjusted by the local controls in the meeting rooms. They will go back to default energy saving mode after an hour or when movement is not detected.