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Recycling, Compost & Landfill

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Sustainability Goals

In support of the university's sustainability goals, Stanford Redwood City will test and introduce innovative new programs before expanding to the main campus.

New Programs

  • Zero Waste initiatives ( ex. paper towel composting, centralized waste stations)
  • Cardinal Print
  • Minimization of personal devices
  • Energy monitoring to support campus research

More details about the university sustainability goals can be found on the Sustainable Stanford website

Be a Good Campus Citizen

Ways you can be a good campus citizen and help reduce waste:

  • Water Points and Plazas – Composting, Recycling and Landfill
    SRWC is committed to reducing waste by increasing our composting efforts. Therefore, composting bins are located in every water point/ kitchenette. Please refer to the sign near the compost bin for a listing of compostable items. Also, you will find additional recycling and landfill bins in these locations.

Our custodial group is in charge of cleaning and emptying the bins:

  • Anchor Points – Recycling and Landfill
    Anchor point bins are in specific areas located close to your workstations. These locations support only recycling and landfill.

    Our custodial group is in charge of cleaning and emptying the bins.

  • Desktop Mini Bins – Self serve
    As part of Stanford sustainability efforts, we are trying to engage our community with our programs. Each workstation will have a mini bin, which may be used for small recycling and landfill items. As a member of our community, you are responsible for emptying the mini bins at the water or anchor points. With your support, we will have a more efficient diversion program.