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CAMPUS IS OPEN: There is no emergency at this time. Visit the Alerts and Notices page for updates.

Health, Safety & Security

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SRWC COVID-19 Resources

This page serves as a one-stop destination for all SRWC-specific updates and relevant external links as it relates to COVID-19.

Stanford Redwood City Operations manages the programs and services to ensure our campus is a safe place to work. When at work, you should feel supported so you can be your most productive self. Stanford Redwood City Operations, in collaboration with Stanford Environmental Health & Safety provide campus programs and services to ensure a secure and sustainable community.

Picture of the Barron Parking Garage

How can we help you?

If you have a non-emergency safety, security or hazard issue, fill out the form at the link below.

Report a Safety Concern

If you sustained an injury on campus, you must fill out the incident report form within 24 hours of occurrence.

EH&S eSU-17 form

Campus Safety & Policies

Here you'll find general safety policies including, smoke-free environment, service and support animals and more.

Emergency Preparedness

From building action plans and personal preparedness, we all play a role in our campus security.

Building Evacuation

Learn what to do during a building evacuation; locate your building emergency assembly point, and more.

Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

Limit ergonomic risk factors and prevent injuries with these workplace best practices.

Safety Training

Learn about the courses and safety training classes available to you.

Emergency Assembly Point (EAP)

In the event of an emergency (e.g., fire alarm), do not assume it is a false alarm or a fire drill. Do not use the elevators. Proceed promptly to the nearest emergency exit stairwell; stay to the right as you proceed down the stairwell. Once outside, proceed to your building Emergency Assembly Point (EAP). Await for further direction. Do not re-enter the building until the ‘All Clear’ directive is given from either the fire department and/or police department.