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CAMPUS IS OPEN: There is no emergency at this time. Visit the Alerts and Notices page for updates.

Campus Safety & Policies

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Blue Emergency Tower

Did you know there are emergency blue towers located throughout the Redwood City campus? If you're outside on campus and you feel unsafe, you can call from the blue emergency towers to connect with emergency dispatch. We have 8 towers on campus.

map of blue emergency towers on campus

For the safety of our community, below are general campus policies that will be enforced at Stanford Redwood City:

Allied Cart

Allied Universal Security Services

SRWC Operations is committed to supporting our most valuable asset, our employees. We'd like to remind you about our security service to accompany you to and from your car parked at Barron Garage or the surface lots.

Stanford Redwood City's 24/7 security team, Allied Universal, is available and requires only a 15-minute notice to come meet you.  

Call (650) 723-7792 or 3-SRWC (from any campus phone) for 24/7 support

Card reader outside of University Hall

Requesting Card Access

All requests regarding card access must be submitted by designated points of contact. If one of the following applies, please notify your department's point of contact by selecting the button below.

Service and Support Animals

Stanford has a "no pet" policy on campus, but complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with allowing the use of service and support animals.


Drones and Unmanned Flying Vehicles are prohibited from being flown or above the SRWC campus.

Smoke-Free Environment

Administrative Guide policy 2.2.6 states that all smoking, including but not limited to tobacco products and the use of electronic smoking devices, is prohibited in enclosed buildings and facilities and during indoor or outdoor events on the campus.

Bikes outside Academy Hall

Bicycle Storage and Guidelines

All bicycles (both non-folding and folding), and electrically powered scooters, are not allowed inside SRWC buildings with the exception of designated bike storage rooms.