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Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

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Ergonomic Resources

The primary ergonomic risk for employees at the SRWC campus is repetitive motion involved in computer usage and extended sitting at their workstation.

Environmental Health & Safety

The purpose of Stanford University‚Äôs Ergonomics Program is to promote employee health by limiting ergonomic risk factors and presenting best practices for workplace ergonomics. Your workspace should respond to your changing needs, helping you eliminate uncomfortable postures, reduce eyestrain, enhance communication and harmonize with your technology. To reduce the risk of ergonomic related injury, view the best practices and resources from: Environmental Health & Safety

Complete EHS-3400 (register in STARS) first before requesting on-site or virtual support.

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Report a Safety Concern

If you have a non-emergency safety, security or hazard issue, fill out the form at the link below.

Report a Safety Concern

If you sustained an injury on campus, you must fill out the incident report form within 24 hours of occurrence.

EH&S eSU-17 form

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Injury Prevention Program

All members of our community have a responsibility of keeping our work environment safe. Learn more about training and resources available to you.

Workplace Safety

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Feel Better. Work Better.

A good work environment should make work easier on your body so your brain can do the heavy lifting.

Ergonomic Tips & Posture

Working From Home Ergonomics

Refer to UIT's guidelines about temporary movement of office furniture.

If you identify any red flags or need assistance with your home workstation, we request a series of three pictures to help determine what adjustments need to be made and/or what equipment may be beneficial. If necessary, please ask someone to take the following pictures of you while you are seated from 3 angles:

1: Profile (side),  2: Top view,  3: From behind

Once you send the pictures to, we can schedule a Zoom call to review your setup, address your concerns and determine next steps.