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Talks with the Artists: An Interview with Carter Hodgkin

Event Details:

Friday, February 26, 2021
12:30pm - 1:00pm PST

This event is open to:

Friends and Family
General Public
SRWC Employees
Stanford Affiliates

For more information about the artist and the video recording of the interview, visit the Talks with the Artists page.

Carter Hodgkin is a contemporary artist known for her striking visual interpretations of physics: “I create visualizations of energy by transforming atomic particle collisions into line and color, revealing structures and patterns of movement.” Hodgkin utilizes traditional and digital mediums such as animation, printing, painting, drawing, glass tile mosaics and computer coding/programming in bold, rich palettes to transform physics to art. She paints spirals of vibrant dots that resemble never ending whirlpools of color, and animates digital pieces that evolve and grow over several minutes. In all her work, she invites the viewer on a captivating, soothing and beautiful visual journey that explores the relationship between art, technology and science.

Watch the interview with Carter along with all videos from the series on the Talks with the Artists page. 

You can view Carter's art pieces on campus here.


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