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Barron Garage Access Change

Between Aug. 18 and Aug. 31, the thefts of two catalytic converters from vehicles parked in Barron Parking Garage were reported. The gates at Barron Parking Garage will be card-access only. SRWC Operations has also increased the frequency of security patrolling the garage and surface parking lots.

Safety and security tips:

Remain attentive and aware of your surroundings, especially when walking to and from your vehicle. Report any suspicious activity by calling (650) 723-SRWC (7792) immediately so Allied Universal Security can respond. Examples of potentially suspicious activity include: 

  • If a vehicle piggybacks behind you to enter the garage — note the make/model/color of the vehicle 
  • People loitering around vehicles, looking underneath or into parked vehicles
  • Vehicles stopped behind or nearby parked vehicles in a way that could conceal criminal activity
  • Vehicles raised up on a jack or hydraulic lift
  • Activated vehicle alarms


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