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Cardinal Café and Stanford Catering support Cardinal Green

Sustainability is a core value and way of life for Residential & Dining Enterprises.  At Cardinal Café and Stanford Catering at Redwood City, sustainable practices take several forms.

We are dedicated to local, organic, plant-forward and seasonal menu options for our customers. To support this, we have developed close relationships with many independent and local suppliers of organic and other sustainable products.

Food use is a well-orchestrated chain – from coffee grounds at Cardinal Brew to Café kitchen production – all food is consumed, donated or composted. 

At Stanford Catering, our experience following Cardinal Green Event Guidelines enables our clients to be confident that events of all types and sizes are sustainable.

In addition to providing reusable dishware and compostable materials for events and take-out, we continually look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Recently, we introduced a paper-saving self-checkout option to decline receipt printing in the Café.

Customers can help us reach our zero-waste goal by spending the extra few seconds to sort their waste correctly:

  • Composting all excess food and napkins
  • Putting compostable food packaging in the compost, not the landfill
  • Recycling all glass and plastic bottles

We are committed to being diligent stewards of the university’s resources and the planet’s.  For more information about R&DE’s initiatives, please visit

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