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Evacuation drill recap and reminders

Thank you to everyone for participating in the evacuation drill on Sept. 22. More than 500 employees were on campus that day and took part in the exercise and more than 200 of you replied to the test AlertSU text and email poll.

Share your feedback about the drill by taking this short survey.

In order to be kept abreast of any emergency in real time, ensure your profile in the StanfordYou directory is up to date, particularly your work location.

Oct. 22 is International ShakeOut Day and as a continuation of our emergency preparedness, SRWC Operations encourages you to practice earthquake safety.

During an earthquake, if you are inside, immediately “drop, cover and hold on”:

  • Under a desk, table or chair
  • Against a corridor wall
  • If you’re unable to get under something, cover your head with your arms to help protect against falling objects
  • Stay inside under cover until shaking stops

If you’re outside:

  • Stay outside
  • Move to an open area away from buildings, trees, overhead wires and other hazards
  • If forced to stand near a building, watch for falling objects

If you are in an automobile:

  • Stop your vehicle in the nearest open area without blocking the roadway
  • Do not stop under bridges, overpasses or overhead wires
  • Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops

Find out additional earthquake safety tips and instructions on EH&S’s website and learn more about International ShakeOut Day.

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