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Returning to on-site work updates and reminders

As more staff return to on-site work this fall, SRWC Operations would like to highlight some recent operational updates and key campus reminders, including changes at Barron Parking Garage and the upcoming surveillance testing requirement, to help prepare for your return. 


Park in either of the two surface parking lots on Broadway and Bay or the first three floors of Barron Parking Garage. Entering Barron Parking Garage is by card-access only 24/7. The entrance and exit on Bay Road is closed. The upper floors of the garage have been closed and the elevators have been turned off. SRWC Operations took these steps to curtail graffiti and vandalism.

The gym-only parking spots in the surface parking lot on Bay Road will be removed, effective Sept. 13.


You’ll have to badge in with your Stanford ID to gain access to campus buildings. Also, you must badge in at the card reader inside elevator cabs with your Stanford ID and then you can select your floor destination.

Face coverings

Face coverings are required in indoor spaces. Exceptions are allowed for individuals alone in a private office or room or actively eating or drinking.

Surveillance testing

Beginning Sept. 20, surveillance testing will be required for on-site staff regardless of vaccination status.

  • Fully vaccinated staff will be required to test once a week.
  • Unvaccinated staff will be required to test twice a week if coming to campus for four days or more. Testing will be once a week if coming to campus three days or fewer each week.
  • Beginning Sept. 13, COVID-19 test kits can be picked up in the Cardinal Hall lobby (M-F, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.) and placed in the dropbox 24/7 in front of Cardinal Hall on Warrington Ave. Currently, test kits can be picked up at Academy Hall and dropped off at the Operations Hub on 585 Broadway.


Both indoor and outdoor events require a space reservation. Fill out the request form to begin planning your conference or event. To book the conference center at Cardinal Hall, visit R&DE's website.


A department or unit must host visitors coming to campus.


AlertSU will notify SRWC employees of time-sensitive campus safety issues and provide updates in the event of an emergency affecting the SRWC community. Maintaining your profile in the StanfordYou directory is critical for emergency communications. Below are step-by-step directions on how to maintain your directory profile.

Step 1: Visit StanfordYou. Click on 'Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information.'

Step 2: Update your work address under ‘Stanford Affiliation.’

  • Building: Start by typing your building name (example: Cardinal Hall)
  • Address - line one: Once your building name is entered, this field will self-populate (example: 505 Broadway)
  • Address - line two: Manually enter your floor number and mail code (example: 5th floor, mail code 8809)
  • Address - line three: Manually enter other details as needed
  • City, State, ZIP/Postal Code and Country: These fields will self-populate

Step 3: Return to the 'Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information' page. Update your mobile number under 'Mobile Contact Info' and check the "OK to use for AlertSU" box.


You can find all the latest SRWC campus information on the Returning to On-site Work page. Join the SRWC Community workspace on Slack as well to receive timely updates.

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