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CAMPUS IS OPEN: There is no emergency at this time. Visit the Alerts and Notices page for updates.

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SRWC Campus Reopen Monday, 1/9/2023

The Stanford Redwood City campus has fared well during this week’s storms, and the campus will reopen on Monday, January 9th. Cardinal Cafe and the Recreation and Wellness Center will also return to normal operations. 

The Barron Garage remains closed, and staff are to park on surface lots. If your department needs to move its Service Vehicle, please coordinate with SRWC Operations by email

All buildings are safe to enter, and you may see standing bodies of water on campus. However, it is important to refrain from entering standing water for your health and safety. Even water that appears safe can contain dangerous debris, bacteria, and deep mud.

Similarly, please avoid driving through areas of standing water. Be aware of downed trees, limbs or power lines. Assume that any power line is energized and extremely dangerous. 

To report flooding, downed trees, power lines or other storm-related hazards, please call 3-SRWC or (650) 723-7792. 

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