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SRWC launches new website

Stanford Redwood City has launched its new website. The URL remains the same, but the look and feel is completely refreshed. The primary reason for the project was to ensure our website remained usable, secure and accessible to all audiences of all abilities. 

The website runs on Drupal 9, the latest version of the content management system offered from Stanford Web Services. Every page of the website was reviewed and refreshed utilizing the new templates and modern design language. The overall content, including the organization of pages and language was reworked, new photos were added and outdated pages were archived.

At first glance, the new look might take getting used to, but over time we’re confident the design will win you over. The enlarged fonts and the enhanced white space converging against the vibrant contrasting colors is quite arresting. A good showcase is the Talks with the Artists page.

Behind the scenes, upgrading to Drupal 9 introduced or built upon critical features including:

  • Single sign-on integration
  • Design conforming to Stanford’s online accessibility policy
  • Mobile-responsive layout
  • Stanford-branded theme
  • Easy-to-use authoring experience, with drag-and-drop layout tools
  • A comprehensive user guide
  • Training and technical support

The vast majority of your saved bookmarks will require no action; however, a few page paths have been remapped. We encourage you to test out your bookmarks, peruse your frequently visited pages, such as the Recreation & Wellness Center and in general, explore the new site and share your feedback at

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