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 Upside #3

Kate Petley

University Hall, Fourth Floor

Kate Petley is a contemporary artist known for her experimental technique and atmospheric style. Though she also creates traditional prints, drawings, and paintings, she is acclaimed for painting aluminum and attaching industrial film on top of canvases. She bathes geometric forms in blurred, ethereal colors, juxtaposing washes of primary colors against sharp lines and shapes. Her innovative and mesmerizing compositions are simple in form yet aesthetically soothing, dynamic, and captivating. 
Kate Petley’s work is in numerous corporate and public collections, including the Houston Airport, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Nicolaysen Museum, UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. In 2015 she completed an invitational residency at the Franz Mayer of Munich Architectural Art Glass studio in Germany. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including an NEA Rockefeller Foundation Grant.