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Our Shared Workplace

Open flexible workspace at Stanford Redwood City

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You can learn more about our workplace at Cardinal at Work.

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One of the core guiding principles in building Stanford Redwood City is to promote a healthy and sustainable campus.

We embrace this principle by designing our workspaces to support:

  • Future growth: The floor plans in our new workspace are designed to be flexible. As departments grow and change, the workspace can easily adapt to accommodate whole new groups that move with minimal disruption and little downtime.
  • Varied workstyles: Early survey and focus group data indicated employees spend 53% of their time on focused work and 47% in planned or impromptu meetings. Our new workspace provides you the mobility and variation to accommodate both heads down and collaborative work.
  • Wellness: Large windows provide natural light, workstations include sit-stand desks and the workspace design promotes movement -- all in support of your wellness.
  • Community and collaboration: While not everyone’s work requires collaboration, the workspace design encourages it and promotes a sense of community. From soft seating and open lounges to building plazas and communal kitchens, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and connect with more of your colleagues.

For some, the flexible open workspace is a new way of working. The adjustment period will vary for each individual, and over time, department and/or workgroup norms and social behaviors will be established.