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CAMPUS IS OPEN: There is no emergency at this time. Visit the Alerts and Notices page for updates.

Visitor Policy at SRWC

This campus uses Envoy to check in visitors at the front desk of each building. Envoy will/can notify the host when a visitor checks in on the Envoy iPad at the lobby.  Please review your notification settings in Envoy to ensure that they are turned on, or set to your preference.

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Anyone who does not have building access to Academy Hall, Cardinal Hall, Discovery Hall, or University Hall (at the time of their arrival) is a visitor and will need to be registered in Envoy.


  • All visitors need to check in on the Envoy iPad at the front desk and receive a printed badge, even if the visitors have been pre-registered. Visitors who have been pre-registered (for non-recurring appointments) should receive a QR Code through email, which can be used for checking in.  If the visitor does not receive a QR Code from Envoy after being pre-registered, they can simply enter their name on the iPad.  
  • We encourage Envoy pre-registration by the host, because it can expedite the sign in process for the visitors at the front desk.
  • You can log into your Envoy account by visiting the Envoy Dashboard.
  • Please note, visitors are not able to pre-register themselves.
  • Children/minors must be registered and accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times (children cannot wander the building or be alone).
  •  Visitors will be able to select the name of their host on the Envoy iPad at the lobby desk by typing in their last name when signing in.
  • The host – the SRWC employee who is responsible for the visitor(s) – will need to meet the visitor(s) in the lobby and escort/accompany them for the entire duration of their visit.