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Card Access & Security

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Academy Hall Front Doors

Requesting Card Access

All requests regarding card access must be submitted by designated points of contact.  If one of the following applies, please notify your department's point of contact by selecting the button below.  

- I lost or misplaced my Stanford ID Card (please notify your department's point of contact immediately so that card access for your lost or missing ID card can be revoked).

- My Stanford ID Card is not working

All staff needs to use their Stanford ID card or the Mobile Key app on their cell phone to open entrance and exterior doors as our buildings are in card access mode 24/7.  Each occupant needs to scan in, we ask that you not tailgate or piggyback behind someone entering a building.  In the event of a power outage or internet loss, our badge readers will be down.  All staff should carry their physical Stanford ID since they may need to show it to security to enter a building.

Card reader outside of University Hall

Presentation to reader

The readers and cards have chips that need to be close enough to make a connection that triggers the lock to open.

If your badge is held too far away or at the wrong angle, the connection won’t be made. Hold your badge close to the center of the reader for best results.

Swiping your card across or near the reader will not unlock the door.

Badge reader outside of Academy Hall.

Card Stacking

You may experience issues due to “card stacking.” Placing multiple cards with magnetic strips and RFID chips in a plastic sleeve will work against one another when trying to badge in. Keep cards in separate sleeves.

SRWC staff setting up camera for ID photo

Campus Card Services

If your ID card does not have an “-E” on the back, all the upgraded card readers at SRWC won’t recognize your card. If you have an old card, please visit the Campus Card Services website for assistance.

ID Cards are issued by the ID Card Office. For more information, submit a Service Request, or call 650-498-CARD or (8-2273).

allied universal security vehicle

Allied Universal Security Services

SRWC Operations is committed to supporting our most valuable asset, our employees. We'd like to remind you about our security service to accompany you to and from your car parked at Barron Garage or the surface lots.

Stanford Redwood City's 24/7 security team, Allied Universal, is available and requires only a 15-minute notice to come meet you.  

Call (650) 723-7792 or 3-SRWC (from any campus phone) for 24/7 support


Why did my card stop working when I punched a hole in it to put on my lanyard/keychain?

The card access system does not utilize the mag-stripe (the black stripe) on the back of the card. There are wires embedded around the card that the system 'reads'.

We recommend using an ID card holder on your lanyard, rather than punching a hole.

What should I do with my access badge upon leaving Stanford?

Upon leaving Stanford, your departments Point of Contact (POC) will retrieve all facility keys from employee as well as temporary or employee ID on your last working day.

Have you forgotten or misplaced your ID?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your ID, contact your departmental POC who will issue you a temporary badge for short-term use.

Points of Contact