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CAMPUS IS OPEN: There is no emergency at this time. Visit the Alerts and Notices page for updates.

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National Preparedness Month

Hello Stanford Redwood City community, 

September is National Preparedness Month. It is the perfect time to prepare for disasters and emergencies before they occur by enrolling your contact information for AlertSU emergency alert and warning messages via the Stanford Who directory. Verify your information and ensure that you can receive alert and warning messages here at SRWC too! 1. Log-in to the Stanford Who directory, and select ‘Edit My Profile’.2. Select ‘Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information’.3. Under ‘Stanford affiliation’ ensure your ‘Work location’ includes your building at SRWC:

  • Academy Hall (70-210)
  • Cardinal Hall (70-270)
  • Discovery Hall (70-230)
  • Pine Cone Children’s Center (70-220)
  • Recreation & Wellness Center (70-260)
  • SRWC Operations Hub (70-419)
  • Stanford Federal Credit Union (70-245)
  • University Hall (70-250)

4. Select ‘Edit’ to update your work location’s building; adding your floor and room number is optional. Once you select a valid work location at SRWC, you’re enrolled in AlertSRWC and AlertSU. During an emergency at SRWC, we will distribute information as needed to the campus community via AlertSRWC and/or SRWC Slack Channel, and if needed, via Stanford University emergency website ( In the event of limited communication capacity, the SRWC emergency information hotline (650-497-1111) and/or KZSU 90.1 FM may be activated to disseminate emergency information. For information and resources related to Family Emergency Preparedness, please go through the State of California’s Family Readiness Guide.


SRWC Safety and Resiliency  

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