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New SRWC Touchdown Space

Map of touchdown spaces in Bonair

Dear Stanford Redwood City community,

We have an important update on the SRWC touchdown space at Bambi Modular (320 Panama St) on the Stanford Campus. The building is slated to be demolished later this year. Therefore, Bambi Modular will be closed starting November 13, 2023.

To help mitigate any inconvenience to the SRWC community, eight new touchdown spaces (see image below) will be made available at 340 Bonair Siding (see map) starting November 13 for anyone wanting to work out of Palo Alto. These desks will be available by reservation only in the SU SRWC Touchdown group on Condeco/Cardinal Flex. The eight touchdown spaces will include one monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a standard HDMI cable. 

Bonair will be open for all staff between 07:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m. and will not need special badge access. You will have access to the plaza, water point, and two conference rooms (images attached below)

Cedrus (Room 139)

Gardenia (Room 141)

We thank you for your patience and understanding. We are doing our best to make this a smooth transition for those affected. Please direct any questions or concerns to

Best regards,

SRWC Operations Team