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SRWC building ventilation

To supplement primary COVID-19 safety measures, including getting vaccinated, wearing a high-quality face covering and testing, the following ventilation-related efforts have been in place at Stanford Redwood City:

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are optimized per industry standards and guidelines to maximize proper outdoor air exchange and air filtration (up to MERV-13) to improve general indoor air quality. This standard is also capable of minimizing the infiltration of wildfire smoke particulate matter.

The HVAC systems are on routine preventative maintenance schedules to ensure fans and air filtration continue operating effectively and efficiently.

Portable air purifiers won’t be needed because existing building features provide efficient air filtration.

As a reminder, SRWC has implemented an enhanced cleaning frequency:

  • High-traffic areas (lobbies, elevators, stairs, etc.) — Continuous; at least twice a day
  • Common areas (Anchor points, water points, restrooms, garbage disposal, etc.) — Regular schedule; at least twice a day
  • Meeting rooms — As needed
  • Outdoor spaces (terraces, outdoor furniture, walkways, etc.) — Daily cleaning as needed
  • At night, high-traffic areas and common areas will be cleaned once per shift; floors will be mopped and carpets will be vacuumed as needed or once per week; meeting rooms will also be cleaned as needed or once per week.

Visit SRWC’s COVID-19 resources page for all updates specific to the campus as it relates to COVID-19.

Learn more about each building’s features on LBRE’s MyBuildings portal.

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