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Stanford Transportation

Learn more about the transportation services that are available at Stanford Redwood City (SRWC). Find maps and resources to help you plan your SRWC commute.

SRWC’s transportation program is focused on encouraging sustainable commutes. Incentives include a free Caltrain Go Pass, SamTrans pass, and VTA SmartPass, along with bicycle amenities and free shuttle services. Questions? Contact us at

Find out where to park, how virtual parking permits work, parking permit rates, electric vehicle charging, and more.

There are no parking kiosks at Barron Garage, so visitor parking can only be purchased through the ParkMobile app. See what you need to know about visitor parking.

Learn about commute incentives and find sample commute maps and resources to help you discover the best SRWC commute for you.  

Eligible SRWC employees ride for free on Caltrain, SamTrans, and VTA and can save on other passes or transit parking by using pre-tax dollars.

Catch a free shuttle between Caltrain and Stanford Redwood City. offers free peak-commute service and Stanford’s free Marguerite shuttle provides midday service.

Stanford offers incentives to employees who carpool and vanpool.

We provide sample bike routes between the Redwood City Caltrain station and SRWC, and other bike information, including secure bike storage and bike safety tips.